Caesars Colosseum pops up a new fresh style!

Scéno Plus has been preparing the upcoming Caesars Colosseum new style 16 years after designing the legendary Las Vegas venue.

From the lobby to the theater, the carpet will be completely replaced by a more modern, geometric and elegant one. The venue seats will be refurbished, and the technical equipment will also be upgraded. The seating in the venue will be entirely revamped, updating the plush red seats, none of which is more than 146 feet from the stage, with new custom fabrics for a luxurious and comfortable viewing experience.

The Colosseum will also offer its clients a new VIP area with banquettes for groups from two to 10 and bottle/cocktail service. For added convenience, The Lobby Bar will increase in size, allowing for faster service, while merchandise areas will be moved to better accommodate the flow of guests into the theater. The main changes needed to the venue will be done without compromising the essence of the most enjoyable theater.

First views of the venue - Copyright Scéno Plus

“The Colosseum has proven itself not only as a critical and commercial success, but also as a leader in design, as shown by high-caliber projects around the globe all chasing to achieve its same level of elegance and status, said Benoit Panaccio, Theatre Designer. “Scéno Plus is incredibly proud to return to further advance The Colosseum for today’s guests and artists with the most enjoyable theatre, with great sound, great seats and the finest stage to perform on. Scéno Plus is even prouder to continue our longstanding and successful partnership with Caesars Entertainment.”

First views of the venue - Copyright Scéno Plus