Colosseum revamp

At Caesars Palace

After 7 weeks of intense re‐modeling and transformation, the following improvements have been completed:

the creation of new configurations for a greater variety of shows, the VIP section transformation and the addition of a new VVIP experience, the interior design finishes refreshment inside the theatre, the upgrade of the AV and specialized equipment packages, the addition of a new orchestra lift.

Discover the new Colosseum at Caesars Palace (2019) - Credit Scéno Plus

  • Dimensions

    • The building, attached to the existing casino, is 120 feet high and 256 feet in diameter.
  • Capacity

    • The new theatrel has a capacity of 4,315 seats in Full seated configuration and 4,470 in General Admission.
    • Balconies capacities are similar: 745 seats in the first balcony and 1,074 seats in the second balcony.
  • Stage

    • The vast 22,450 square feet stage has an enormous 120 feet wide by 44 feet high proscenium arch, one of the largest in the world.
    • Two stage lifts with a 185,000 lbs static load capacity and a 61,500 lbs lifting load capacity
  • Particularity

    • A stage life has been set up at the front of the stage allowing to change easily seating configurations. It also provides a VVIP configuration with bottle service during the show
    • A 110’-0” x 36’-0” LED screen with double resolution

The venue during Keith Urban's stage performance - Photo credit Denise Truscello