MGM Theater

Cotai Resort

Theatre Design, Interior Design & Theatrical Specialized Equipment

Completely transformable with a system of elevating platforms and automated seat storage designed and manufactured in Quebec, the MGM Theater, with a capacity of 2,000 seats, can change configurations in a few minutes and easily host circus events, multimedia performances, touring shows and television shows.

The immersive theatre provides a broad range of digital scenography opportunities never tapped before. Its advanced technologies eliminate the need for multiple changes of backdrop and props in the physical world as everything can be done through digital imagery.

The venue offers the world's largest indoor LED screen, both in size and resolution with more than 39 million pixels. To counterbalance the vibrance and luminescence of the LED screens surrouding the theatre, we opted for a softer and more intimate design.

Outstanding features

  • Context

    • Located in Cotai, Macau's newest entertainment hub.
    • Nested the luxurious MGM Cotai also known as the Jewerly Box.
    • Asia's first dynamic theatre.
  • Interactive ceiling

    • LED volumetric structure creating luminous movements and scenic effects.
    • 1.5km of LED ribbons.
    • Providing an immersive extension of the main LED screens.
  • LED wall

    • World’s biggest interior LED wall.
    • 39 millions pixels.
    • 2 x 11,52m high LED revolving doors.
  • Transformability

    • More than a dozen different configurations possible.
    • 1,672 flipping high-quality seats on motorized row.
    • Entire orchestra level on motorized platforms.

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