Wynn Las Vegas Showroom

Wynn Las Vegas

The circular theatre is the host of the acrobatic show “Le Rêve: A small collection of imperfect dreams” by the renowned creative director Franco Dragone.

The show is performed in a basin of water instead of a stage and the whole audio, video, lighting and rigging systems are designed to take advantage of the full circle view of the artists.

Outstanding features

  • Layout

    • The proximity of the water basin, with no seat more than 42 feet away, and the ring-shaped theatre draw in the audience, emerging them into the show.
    • The building consists of a circular surface of 180 feet in diameter.
    • The central water basin is 70 feet wide with 3 entries for the artists from the vomitories.
  • Dome

    • The immense dome ceiling above the audience is equipped with 6 large rear projection screens.
  • Basin

    • Lighting and water features rise from the depths of the basin to a height of 20,6 feet above the water level.
  • Equipment

    • stage lifts equipped with turntables.
    • water effect created by powerful water pumps.
    • flying man tracks.
    • carrousel hanging at roof.
    • underwater lighting.