Bellagio Theatre

The Bellagio Theatre is part of the casino-hotel of the same name, the most romantic and luxurious in Las Vegas.

The theatre, designed for Cirque du Soleil’s aquatic show O, is absolutely unique, from its baroque-inspired architecture, to its aquatic stage and dragonfly-wing cupola.

  • Stage

    • The stage is a deep pool equipped with 5 hydraulic elevators
    • Can be modified from a conventional stage to a 1.4 million gallon pool.
  • Ceiling

    • The immense metallic trellis of the cupola roof permits infinite lighting possibilities.
    • A large opening in the centre of the cupola makes it possible to present acrobatics directly over the heads of the audience.
  • Challenge

    • Securing the stage equipment in a damp and corrosive environment was an enormous challenge.
    • Required the invention of numerous breakthrough strategies, mechanisms and procedures to ensure that the artists could work safely during this arranged marriage of water and electricity.
  • «O»

    • The «O» show is on the top three most popular show in Las Vegas since the opening of the theatre.


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