The Revelry

Revel Resort and Casino

Revelry, a 130,000 sq. ft. gaming space, reinvents the traditional casino world environment. The architecture, the interior design as well as the technical infrastructures have been designed to create a theatrical experience.

  • Versatile

    • Using suspended interior design elements and theatrical lighting are positioned into the space to immerse patrons in different environments
  • Mezzanine

    • A theatrical public catwalk incorporated into the casino concept
    • Patrons become part of the backstage experience as they can peek through the ceiling and lookout for the next exciting event to happen on the floor
  • Ambiance

    • The gaming floor evolves during the day.
    • As the sun rises up, guests will enjoy a privileged view of the Atlantic Ocean and appreciate this open space with an abundance of natural light.
    • At night, the theatrical lighting systems and the numerous suspended set elements will light up and change the casino ambiance into a nightlife environment.
  • Multimedia

    • Multiple AV entry points and modular design to adapt/modify add-on features and theme elements.
    • Fully centralized control system to program activities and broadcast media throughout the casino and all the entertainment areas.
    • Centralized light and sound control with timeline and direct programmability.


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