About Us

We are a theatre design firm offering high-quality turnkey services within the entertainment venue industry.

We've been creating unique spaces for the biggest names in the live entertainment industry around the world for over 35 years - and we're just getting started!


At Scéno Plus, we envision a world in which high-quality, cutting-edge entertainment venues don't sacrifice functionality, allowing artists to connect and build everlasting memories with their audiences.


We aim to design and create awe-inspiring multipurpose venues in collaboration with artists and technicians, while keeping audiences in mind, and exceeding clients' expectations.

Our Story

Founded in 1985 by Patrick Bergé and Lorraine Berthiaume, family ran Scéno Plus has been designing unique and innovative spaces that merge cutting-edge technology, high quality, and functionality, for the biggest names in the industry

We pride ourselves in offering complete theatre architecture solutions through our highly specialized and integrated services. From entertainment venue planning and design, theatrical infrastructure and design, all the way to audio and video systems design for theatre, and construction management, our team is ready to take on any project, no matter the scale, and deliver uniquely immersive spaces that prioriteze the user experience and our clients' needs.

The Team

At the heart of Scéno Plus is its people: A talented, multi-disciplinary team of architects, theatre designers, live entertainment interior designers, technology and specialized equipment designers, multimedia designers, technicians, theatre design consultants, and project managers, all leveraging their passion for art and technology to deliver unique performance spaces that meet the highest standards of quality, innovation, and functionality.

Founding Team

Lorraine Berthiaume
Vice President of the Board and Cofounder
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Patrick Bergé
Chairman of the Board and Cofounder
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Leadership Team

Olivier Berthiaume-Bergé
President and CEO
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Vincent Berthiaume-Bergé
Executive Vice President and COO
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Benoit Panaccio
Vice President – Design and Construction
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Simon Lemieux
Vice President – Design and Venue Logistics
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Hélène Lamontagne
Architect and Head of the Architecture Studio
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François Blais
Vice President – Technology and Specialized Equipment
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André Barrette
Vice President ‒ Finance and Administration


Anaïs Flanquart
Architectural Designer
Christine Chehaze
Architectural Designer
Claudia Lavergne
Architectural and Specialized Equipment Technician
Cynthia Dupuis
Communication Manager
Doha Yaquot
Interior Designer
Émilie-Marie Celle
Architectural Designer
Jean-François Lefebvre
3D Designer and Animator
Josée Coulombe
Accounting Technician
Patrick Allard
Theatre Designer and Architectural Technologist
Maria Ochoa
Coordinator ‒ Administration Travel Logistics
Roozbeh Tabandeh
Senior Architectural Designer
Sébastien Larose
Technology and Specialized Equipment Designer
Stéphane Lefresne
Network Manager
Théo Balicour
2D/3D Graphic Designer
Laurence Rivest
2D Graphic Designer

Strong values guide us every step of the way


Our team has an innate passion for art and technology and they bring this passion into every project they undertake, ensuring that all performance spaces are optimized to create unique experiences for performers and audiences.


Our high-quality end results are a reflection of our collective ethos and know-how. We value hard work, resilience, and innovation, and put our heart and souls into everything we bring forward.


Scéno Plus was born from an urgent need to rethink the way cultural venues were designed and built. Our thirst to challenge the status quo remains a key competitive advantage. To keep innovating, we've built a team that loves to problem solve and intuitively thinks outside the box.


We believe in fostering an open, judgment-free environment where employees can thrive, be their authentic selves, and confidently bring their ideas to the table so everyone can put their best work forward.

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Feel like putting your skills to use in creating awe-inducing, innovative, entertainment venues? We're always looking for passionate individuals to join the Scéno Plus family