Scéno Plus provides a complete range of integrated services that combines overflowing creativity and operational efficiency in the development of the most innovative and ambitious projects. This comprehensive approach enables us to develop concepts in which the design features and technical components of facilities are harmoniously integrated with the architectural layout of spaces.

Theatre Design

Having designed theatres for more than 20 years in Québec and abroad, our Theatre Design team enjoys a widespread recognition for the excellence of its work.


Architectural Concept

The architecture department plays a central role in developing concepts.


Technology & Specialized Equipment

In a market where showrooms are internationally competing to attract the greatest talents, we believe that no facility can be complete without technologies and equipments ensuring the most efficient management of operations.


Immersive and Interactive Multimedia Design

Our experienced team works on creating virtual environments that knows no limits.


Interior Design

Our Interior Design team is committed to creating spaces that provide patrons with a unique ambiance and experience.


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