Access Showroom

Aliante Casino, Hotel & Spa

Scéno Plus was asked to design the architectural concept and technical infrastructures of a multipurpose 650-seat lounge-theatre with the aim to provide patrons with the best sounding showroom in Las Vegas. Designed to be a “Road House”, Access Showroom is fully equipped to accommodate a range of touring performances from a DJ’s chill and modern atmosphere to the highest impact rock concerts.

Outstanding features

  • Context

    • Access Showroom is comprised within the Aliante Station 662 M $ Hotel-Casino project on a 40 hectare land near Las Vegas city centre.
  • Versatile

    • The venue is equipped with storage spaces and carts placed under the stage area.
    • Lounge furniture and seats can be easily moved around and stored due to air cushions placed under the structures. The space can undergo complete turn-over in less than two hours.
  • Multimedia

    • Access Showroom was designed to offer the ultimate sensorial experience.
    • A multimedia wonderland, the venue is equipped an astonishing sound reinforcement with over 35 cutting-edge speakers installed across the room.
  • Equipment

    • The lounge also features a centralized control interface managing multiple HD projections to create out of the ordinary imageries providing a unique immersive environment for the guest.