Centre for Conservation of Boreal Biodiversity

Zoo sauvage of St-Félicien

In developing the concept for the new Centre for Conservation of Boreal Biodiversity (CCBB) at the Zoo sauvage de St-Félicien in Québec, Canada, Scéno Plus never lost sight of its prime objective: to outfit the centre with a high-performance facility, harmoniously integrated with the zoo site.

Outstanding features

  • Territory

    • Use of local materials, such as wood essences and granite from the region.
    • Creation of a convivial, welcoming place that would be open to nature.
    • Create of a multipurpose venue adapted not only to CCBB requirements but also to needs in the region.
  • Integration

    • Embedding the large volume of the giant screen theatre in the cliff minimized the visual impact of construction on the environment.
    • The large panoramic windows and terraces respond to the need for transparency and openness on nature in the wild.
  • Path

    • Special attention was paid to fluid circulation, with the educational pathway following through from the auditorium to the discovery workshop and from the nature pathways to the giant screen cinema.
  • Multipurpose venue

    • Everything was done to create a multifunctional, high-performance building that responds to a wide range of needs.