Cirque du Soleil Studio

Cirque Du Soleil

Representing a major urban development, the Cirque du Soleil “Studio” headquarters is a place for creation, production and services. It is a place that improves the lives of the people at the Cirque – an international meeting point for artists. The concept of the site reflects the Cirque du Soleil’s imagery and style.

Outstanding features

  • Location

    • The chosen site: the grounds of the old waste elimination centre in Montreal – the Miron quarry. A strategic choice to support the area and to bring life to a run-down property.
  • Architectural program

    • The buildings that make up the headquarters complex have an industrial appearance. Finishing range from the use of neutral coloured materials such as steel, to coloured fabric draped over the interior walls.
    • The spaces are linked by a central corridor acting as a main road, creating synergy between the different functions.
  • Specificity

    • The climate treatment system, ventilation and lighting were specifically designed for large volume. It assures the athletes and coaches comfort.
  • Intelligent building

    • An interesting characteristic of this intelligent building is its sophisticated system of energy recycling, extremely appreciated during the vigorous Quebec winters.