Cirque du Soleil Theatre

Disney World, Orlando

Host of La Nouba show, The Cirque du Soleil Theatre lies in the heart of Walt Disney World’s West side District, Disney’s night time entertainment capital.

The theatre rises from a white big top, and transforms into a fairy tale castle, complete with stylized towers illuminated against the night sky. Within, however, the dark and sombre atmosphere evokes a medieval dungeon.

Outstanding features

  • Context

    • First Cirque du Soleil theatre in an independent building.
  • Layout

    • With fixed tiered seating in a 180º semicircle around the stage, the auditorium has neither a proscenium arch nor an architectural ceiling.
  • Technical grid

    • A steel grid 78 feet off the ground covers the entire area of the theatre, providing a very flexible rigging system with numerous hanging points, a system of modular trapdoors and movable motors.
  • Stage lift

    • Five stage lifts integrated into the stage floor allow for a wide variety of set effects.