Foyer de la Grande Arche

Paris Expo was designed to showcase the Espace Grande Arche, creating a warm and welcoming space that is also highly functional and flexible, the perfect venue for conferences, exhibitions, banquets and performances. The space offers all the technical infrastructures needed to provide a truly remarkable experience.

Outstanding features

  • Mandate

    • Scéno Plus was primarily involved in creating the two main halls, service and traffic areas, the interior façade and the exterior totem display.
  • Characteristic

    • A complete review of the development plan led to the creation of a highly functional space, with better traffic flow and greatly improved reception and customer service areas.
  • Technology

    • The halls are fully equipped with all the necessary technical infrastructures (bridges, permanent control panels, movable tiers, audio/video and communications systems).
  • Design

    • Sightlines and acoustics were completely revamped.
    • All interior spaces and the interior façade were completely redesigned, creating an elegant and dynamic new look.
    • A new totem display was set up outside the Grande Arche.