Ovation Hall Theatre

Revel Resort and Casino

Revel Resorts, a premier entertainment destination in Atlantic City, features a spectacular entertainment facility that enhances live show experience and surpasses any customer expectations. Designed by Scéno Plus, this large transformable venue can welcome more than 5,500 guests.

The Ovation Hall is a one-of-a-kind transformable theatre dedicated to enhance any production and create an unforgettable live show experience. Highly flexible, the venue has the ability to achieve various configurations for different types of events such as concerts, sporting events, conferences, banquets and exhibitions.

Outstanding features

  • Layout

    • This performance venue has been designed for the public to surround the stage and transmit the energy and emotions the artists need to perform and feel close to the audience.
  • Transformable

    • To create a ballroom environment, 1,564 comfortable retractable theatre seats can be stored easily and rapidly.
    • 21,000 square foot flat floor giving general admission and banquet possibilities.
  • Multipurpose

    • The large venue’s balcony can be divided with movable partition walls into three intimate lecture rooms that are excellent for hosting meetings.
  • Audiovisual equipment

    • Designed to offer remarkable sound, the Ovation Hall is equipped with a state-of-the-art permanent sound system and integrated audiovisual capabilities that feature versatility and efficiency to accommodate the most dynamic international touring bands.

Ovation Hall at Revel : A High Energy Transformable Venue

3D Animation of Ovation Hall at Revel