The Colosseum Revamp

The Colosseum at Caesars Palace

Theatre Design • Interior Design • Theatrical Specialized Equipment

After seven (7) weeks of intensive remodeling and transformation under Scéno Plus supervision, the following improvements have been completed:

  • revision of seating layout and creation of new configurations
  • VIP section refurbishment and addition of a new VIP experience closer to the stage
  • seat revamping for increased comfort
  • refreshment of interior design finishes inside the theatre
  • replacement of all specialized equipment
  • addition of a new orchestra lift in front of the stage.
The Colosseum at Caesars Palace 20th anniversary


  • Context

    • Prized for its proximity to the public, technical equipment, and acoustics qualities, the Colosseum has hosted many world-renowned artists, including Céline Dion, who opened this hall in 2003.
    • With 16 years of intense activity that have seen Cher, Bette Midler, Elton John and Rod Stewart, to name a few, Caesars Entertainment decided at the end of 2018 to renovate and modernize the Colosseum once Celine Dion's residency was completed in July 2019.
    • The objective: complete the renovation and technical upgrading work within a timeframe of only seven (7) weeks.
  • VIP experience

    • A new design has been created for the existing VIP section at orchestra level and the existing seats have been modernized.
    • A brand-new VIP section with bottle service is added at the foot of the stage for greater proximity with the artists. Located on a new stage lift, this section can offer a sitting experience, on ultra-comfortable seats, or a standing experience in the heart of the action.
  • New stage lift

    • The front part of the orchestra – which is also the new VIP area – now features a stage lift that allows the level of this section to vary, thus offering a sitting or flat floor configuration.
    • Loading Capacity: 183,000 lbs static/61,000 lbs live.
  • Stage equipment

    • Sound, lighting and video systems have all been upgraded or replaced by state-of-the-art equipment.
    • A new 5.5 mm LED screen measuring 110'-0'' X 36'-0''replaces the original display and doubles the resolution, thus improving the transmission of stage performances.
Large red benches are installed in the VIP section.

The VIP section with large banquettes.

Behind the red seats on the balcony level, you can see the roman mural.

A glimpse of the balcony, with the Roman mural in the background.

The venue during Journey stage performance. Photo credit: Erik Kabik

The marble floor leading to the performance hall is covered with a red carpet and bordered by roman columns.

The lobby.

The entrance leading to the orchestra level is padded with red fabrics and offers a direct view of the stage.

The stage seen from the entrance to the orchestra level.

Guns N' Roses performance in front of a large crowd at the Colosseum in Las Vegas

The orchestra level VIP sections near the stage.

The installation of lighting rigging on the stage at the Colosseum

The installation of lighting rigging on the stage at the Colosseum.