Théâtre du Rideau Vert

The project was the full renovation of a 40 years old practice theater. The challenge was to design a new theatre on a very narrow lot in the heart of town, with a tight construction deadline of just five months.


  • Building

    • Nearly the whole building was replaced by a more modern functional design that has won rave reviews.
  • Site

    • The exiguity of the terrain and the impossibility to increase the ground area require lots of cleverness to develop a functional and modern design.
  • Height

    • The need to maintain the existing height of the building was a crucial factor in the development of a high-performance design.
    • Two walls were preserved and reinforced during construction.
    • The obtuse angle at the intersection of the two walls is located in the fly tower, an unconventional shape that required special treatment.
  • Chair

    • In order to upgrade the room capacity while respecting the norms of evacuation, a new design for chairs is especially developed for the project.
    • The seating and the back are both retractable, giving room for the required space within rows.