Treasure Island Theatre

Treasure Island Hotel & Casino

With the Treasure Island Theatre, Scéno Plus opened its first showroom in the international entertainment marketplace. Far from the touring big tops, Cirque du Soleil's first permanent venue at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas hosts the redefined circus show «Mystère». The show and the facility were both an instant success.

Outstanding features

  • Stage

    • The stage is 121 feet wide and 70 feet deep, with a technical grid at a height of 80 feet.
    • The circus ring has a diameter of 36 feet with a rotating stage 28 feet in diameter, allowing up to 10 rotations per minute.
  • Stage lifts

    • Behind the ring, there are three computer-controlled stage lifts with a capacity of 300 lbs per square foot.
  • Ceiling

    • The ceiling is a web of catwalks built directly over the audience and the stage, offering tremendous flexibility for lighting, special effects and rigging.
    • The sophisticated rigging system allows for a variety of original stage appearances, such as trapeze artists coming down from the ceiling.
  • Equipment

    • More than 731 lighting cues make optimal use of the 1,100 spotlights in the showroom.
    • The audio system comprises a complex circuit of 78 speakers controlled by custom-designed software by Level Control Systems.
    • With a joystick, the audio technician can draw on a computer screen the sound trajectory through the speakers.