Usine C

Usine C is a creative centre, a research lab and a venue created for the theatre group Carbone 14. The space is dedicated to the exploration of the merging fields of theatre, contemporary electronic arts, and media performance. The centre was created in a refurbished industrial plant, from which it draws its name Usine C. The most important challenge was to meet the needs of a wide variety of users, presenters, disciplines and functions, all within a very tight budget.

Outstanding features

  • Multipurpose

    • The building offers a variety of functions: flexible performance venue, rehearsal studio, other stage related service areas, audio lab, video post-production studio, graphic design studio, screening room, café-restaurant, offices for Carbone 14 and other cultural organizations in the fields of electronic and media arts.
  • Rigging system

    • The flexible performance space is equipped with a unique, very flexible rigging system.
    • The system offers standard equipment (10 variable speed battens).
    • Non conventional equipment was specifically developed for the project (3 motorized catwalks and 12 mobile hang structures) all computer-controlled.
  • Seating

    • With the use of an air cushion system, the seating can easily be moved and configured in a variety of layouts.
  • Cost

    • With a wealth of imagination, the venue harmoniously merges with the industrial environment, delivered at an exceptionally low cost of CAD 82$ per square foot.