At the heart of Scéno Plus is its people: a talented, multi-disciplinary team of architects, theatre designers, live entertainment interior designers, technology and specialized equipment designers, multimedia designers, technicians, theatre design consultants, and project managers, all leveraging their passion for art and technology to deliver unique performance spaces that meet the highest standards of quality, innovation, and functionality.

Team members

Lorraine Berthiaume

Vice President of the board and co-founder

Patrick Bergé

Chairman of the board and co-founder

Olivier Berthiaume-Bergé

President and CEO

Vincent Berthiaume-Bergé

Executive Vice President and COO

Benoit Panaccio

Vice President - Design and Construction

Simon Lemieux

Project Director

Hélène Lamontagne


François Blais

Vice President – Technology and Specialized Equipment

Join our team

Feel like putting your skills to use in creating awe-inducing, innovative, entertainment venues? We're always looking for passionate individuals to join the Scéno Plus family.

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