At the heart of Scéno Plus is its people: a talented, multi-disciplinary team of architects, theatre designers, live entertainment interior designers, technology and specialized equipment designers, multimedia designers, technicians, theatre design consultants, and project managers, all leveraging their passion for art and technology to deliver unique performance spaces that meet the highest standards of quality, innovation, and functionality.

Team members

Lorraine Berthiaume

Lorraine Berthiaume

Vice President of the Board and Cofounder

Passionate about the world of performing arts, Lorraine Berthiaume earned in 1975 her degree in dramatic arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Cofounder of Scéno Plus, she has been interested from the beginning in the development of artistic organizations and the management of cultural venues. She has been particularly involved in the development of new spaces dedicated to the creation and presentation of shows, encompassing their financing, architectural programming and planning, construction, and operational phases.

Lorraine Berthiaume took over the general management of Scéno Plus in the early 90s to support the company’s international expansion. Since 2019, with the gradual transfer of the company’s management to her two sons, Lorraine has taken on the role of strategic advisor for the company's administration while remaining Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Patrick Bergé

Patrick Bergé

Chairman of the Board and Cofounder

Introduced to the world of performing arts at an early age, Patrick Bergé quickly realized that existing cultural venues and their equipment did not meet the needs of artists, and that their functionality could be seriously improved. Combining his passion for arts and architecture, he earned his bachelor’s degree from Laval University’s School of Architecture in 1981 and pursued his training by attending numerous seminars specialized in acoustics and theatre design, both in Québec and abroad.

With the vision to develop a global and unique expertise in theatre design, Patrick founded Scéno Plus in 1985 by bringing together under one roof a complete range of integrated services. Throughout his career, Patrick has supervised the work of an impressive number of cultural and entertainment venues of various sizes, both in Québec and internationally. And since 2019 – while the management of the company was gradually being transferred to his two sons, Olivier and Vincent – Patrick has been acting as a business development strategic advisor for Scéno Plus while also serving as the company’s Chairman of the Board.

Olivier Berthiaume-Bergé, President and CEO at Scéno Plus

Olivier Berthiaume-Bergé

President and CEO

Olivier Berthiaume-Bergé graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Montreal in 2006. He joined the design team at Scéno Plus immediately after completing his studies and developed specific expertise in designing various types of performance venues, whether small or large.

Since 2014, Olivier has been responsible for the design of all major projects at the firm. Most notably, he worked on the scenic design of a flexible and ultra-technological 2,000-seat theatre in Cotai, China. He also contributed to the architectural and scenic design of the Park Theater, in Las Vegas (now named The Dolby Live at Park MGM). Among his other achievements are his involvement in the design of the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida, and his contribution to the construction of the Resorts World Theatre, which was inaugurated in December 2021 in Las Vegas.

In 2019, Olivier took the reins of the company founded by his parents and became its president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As part of his duties, he oversees the development of Scéno Plus while continuing his work as the firm’s Lead Designer.

Vincent Berthiaume-Bergé

Vincent Berthiaume-Bergé

Executive Vice President and COO

Vincent Berthiaume-Bergé has been a member of the Québec CPA Order since 2014 and has been working for some of the province’s major companies for over a decade. He has, through these years, built his experience and developed his management skills in various fields such as insurance, real estate development and public service management.

Immersed in the world of theatre and performing arts since his childhood, Vincent joined Scéno Plus in 2016 and took on, during this phase of high activity for the family business, significant tasks like budget monitoring and resource deployment. Also known for his analytical and operational skills, Vincent has actively participated in the development of the company’s strategic plan and ensured that corporate objectives as well as quality standards are both established and met.

In 2019, following the transfer of Scéno Plus’ management from his parents to him and his brother, Vincent ascended to the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. In this capacity, he oversees human resources activities for the company as well as its legal, financial, and administrative operations. He also supervises the preservation of Scéno Plus’ corporate culture, while ensuring the harmonious growth of the organization.

Benoit Panaccio

Benoit Panaccio

Vice President – Design and Construction

Following his training in theatre design techniques at Collège Lionel-Groulx, Benoit Panaccio began working on numerous artistic productions, notably for various theatre companies. As a freelancer, his talents caught the attention of the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, in Montreal, where he served as Technical and Production Director for five years. During his tenure with this esteemed institution, Benoit also shared his knowledge and expertise by teaching technical direction and production management at his alma mater.

As a result of his success, Benoit was recruited by Scéno Plus in 2002 to serve as Theatre Designer and Project Manager. In this role, he was responsible for the planning and the design of numerous projects, in addition to overseeing all aspects of venue operations. He also coordinated work on construction sites, while ensuring that theatre design objectives were met and that installations were transferred to the operations teams. Over time, his responsibilities grew, and he now serves as Vice President – Design and Construction. In addition to the aforementioned assignments, Benoit also oversees the design and construction processes that ensure the successful completion of the company's projects. He also plays an important role in Scéno Plus' business development.

Simon Lemieux

Simon Lemieux

Vice President – Design and Venue Logistics

Initially establishing himself in the film industry before venturing into the world of circus arts, Simon Lemieux swiftly carved a path for himself into the realm of entertainment. In fact, he had the opportunity to collaborate with industry giants such as the Cirque du Soleil and Dragone, both famous for their expertise in designing purpose-built permanent venues as well as producing awe-inspiring large-scale shows. Furthermore, over the past 20 years, Simon’s career has encompassed various facets of theatre design and show production. Throughout this period, he has seamlessly transitioned between roles, assuming the responsibilities of a Project Manager, Design and Technical Integrator, Technical Director, Acrobatic Equipment Designer, Stage Rigging Project Manager, and Designer.

Since joining the Scéno Plus team in 2020, Simon has played a pivotal role in overseeing the planning, design, and construction phases of several major projects entrusted to the company. Now serving as Vice President – Design and Venue Logistics, he continues to work diligently to ensure that every aspect of a project is optimally aligned with the vision of the designers and the wishes of the clients. Simon also continues to bring his invaluable experience and skills to Scéno Plus, which are crucial for the success of the projects he supervises.

Hélène Lamontagne

Hélène Lamontagne


In 1997, Hélène joined the order of architects of Quebec after graduating from the University of Montreal with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. However, her career began 4 years earlier when she participated in a project to revitalize the streets of Longueuil and helped organize numerous exhibitions related to architecture.

After working for several Montreal-based firms specialized in architecture, interior design and urban design, Hélène joined Scéno Plus in 2007. She is now responsible for the architecture department.

François Blais

François Blais

Vice President – Technology and Specialized Equipment

François Blais graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada (technical department) in 1987. Thereafter, he worked for the next seven years at Solotech as Director of Operations and Technician of the Sound department.

In the following years, he held various key positions in the entertainment industry. Notably, he worked as a Technical Coordinator, Tour Director, and Production Director for different Montreal-based production companies such as Les Productions Clandestines, Productions Sidéral, and L’Équipe Spectra.

In 2006, François joined Scéno Plus as an Integrator in the Technology and Specialized Equipment department. He is now its Vice-President and as such, oversees all activities related to the technical installations of the firm's projects. This includes gathering data from clients, designing technological and technical infrastructures (including specialized equipment), and ensuring their on-site installation. Additionally, François also coordinates all technical aspects of Scéno Plus projects, ensuring their success while respecting customer needs, deadlines and budgets.

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