Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

This summer, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is celebrating the deployment of its world-renowned brand on Atlantic City's famous Boardwalk with a $500 million complete renovation of the former Trump Taj Mahal. Visitors from all over the East Coast will be welcomed with new interior design, new restaurants and a highly diversified entertainment offer.

It is within this context that Hard Rock decided to increase the capacity of the Etess Arena and improve the venue’s overall customer experience. The company approached Scéno Plus to find theatrical design solutions and modifications that would really make the difference.

Outstanding Features

  • Capacity

    • A second level mezzanine was designed to increase the venue’s capacity to 7,700 attendees.
    • Permanent follow spot platforms were implemented and contributed to a gain of extra well-placed seats.
  • Sightlines

    • Telescopic seating was reorganised to upgrade sightlines.
  • Interior Design

    • Signage was improved to represent better Hard Rock’s branding.
    • The showroom vibrates with new pop colours, in a red and gold colour theme.
    • A brand-new quartz composition flooring was installed to better accommodate the spectators on the flat floor.
  • Acoustics

    • New acoustical panels were installed on the ceiling and walls.