Kuujjuaraapik Community Centre

The Katittavik Center is a gathering place for the community of Kuujjuaraapik for social and cultural activities and events. The project includes a 300-seat multipurpose space that hosts a variety of events: amateur shows, Inuit games, lectures, film screenings, meetings, weddings and other community events.

Photo: Blouin Orzes

  • Context

    • Kuujjuaraapik, the southernmost village in Nunavik.
    • Located on a sand dune at the mouth of the Great Whale River and Hudson Bay.
  • Concept

    • Creating a meeting place both versatile and symbolic.
    • Multifunctional space with retractable seats.
  • Challenges

    • Construction costs increased by nearly 300% compared to the "south".
    • The matarials and prefabricated elements had to be shipped by boat, a journey of one month and more than 4,000 km.
  • Population served

    • A cultural center that will reach the 10,000 inhabitants, coming from the 14 northern villages of Nunavik.

Configurations: Blouin Orzes

Sections: Blouin Orzes