Studio A

Imperial Palace Casino Resort & Spa

After hurricane Katrina ravaged the coastal cities of Mississippi in August 2005, IP Casino Resort & Spa had to undertake the complete restoration of their installations in Biloxi. In 2008, Sceno Plus was commissioned to improve the auditorium and to double the seating capacity without increasing the volume and footprint of the old theatre.

Outstanding features

  • Challenge

    • Designing and building the showroom within the limits of a tight construction schedule (6 months) and budget (USD 5.5 M) were part of that challenging mandate.
  • Capacity

    • The theatre has now 1 355 comfortable seats with perfect sightline.
  • Layout

    • The flat floor portion located immediately in front of stage permits comfortably seated patrons a closer contact with the performers (191 seats).
    • The main floor consists in a series of wide stepping tiers providing best sightlines and holds the sound mix position which allows a better sound control and acoustical performance (853 seats).
  • VIP

    • The VIP balcony offers luxurious comfort and enhanced experience to invited guests (311 seats).